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Actions for and against States

We have specialised experienced in acting for and against sovereign States.  This includes the States of Nigeria, Kazakhstan , Turkmenistan, Yemen and Equatorial Guinea.

The disputes we handle are usually , but not always, commercial.  Acting for States has its particular difficulties, such as whether a claim which a State wishes to pursue outside its own borders is justiciable in the Courts of the country in which the claim is brought.  This arises particularly in cases of tax and other claims of a sovereign nature, rather than claims which could be brought between private individuals or companies.  Claims against States also give rise to particular considerations such as jurisdiction, sovereign immunity (which can be waived, for example where there is a specific agreement to submit to a particular jurisdiction) and whether a State can be pursued for the debt of a State company (perhaps on the grounds of emmanation).

We are well experienced in problems relating to sovereign immunity, finding the best jurisdiction to pursue a claim, dealing with high level negotiations and, where necessary, litigation.

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