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Dispute resolution

The firm deals with court work as well as arbitrations before specialised maritime arbitration bodies and before other institutions such as the ICC, LCIA and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. We have particular expertise in the enforcement of judgments/awards (or securing claims), against debtors whose assets are difficult to locate or to seize, including sovereign states. We advise on problems relating to the seizure of assets in France and other jurisdictions.

Many of the disputes we handle are complex and involve substantial documentation and technical expert evidence. Our experience and information handling resources enable such cases to be managed expeditiously and efficiently. We will always act quickly and decisively to protect your essential interests worldwide but, when the opportunity arises, look for a negotiated and commercially realistic settlement in preference to, what can be, expensive and time consuming litigation.

  • international arbitration and other ADR options
  • aviation related matters
  • shipping – hull/cargo claims/bills of lading/charter parties
  • disputes relating to States
  • international trade disputes
  • shareholder disputes
  • letters of credit
  • carriage of goods
  • employment/personal injury
  • insurance/finance disputes
  • construction disputes (including plant/factory and equipment
  • supply contracts and quality disputes
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